Wordpress apo cloudflare plugin disabled on its own

i have enabled Cloudflare APO from the Cloudflare dashboard and it says that it finds that also the plugin is installed on my wordpress website. i have also entered the email and Global API in wordpress everything is connected and running fine. After a few hours the Cloudflare plugin in my wordpress back-office is disabled on its own. so i have every time to go in and enable it again. can someone help me fix this? why is this happening? i dont see any errors

This is odd. Cloudflare act as a proxy and to the best of my knowledge APO works its magic based on requests made to your site and origin responses, except for the purging of cache which takes input from the plugin. But plugin activation and deactivation is way off its intent.

I’d suggest you check your origin server for possible caching issues. Try purging all local caches, and if you’re on shared hosting ask your hosting provider’s support team to help you with that, as some may have hidden caches that may be malfunctioning and including the WP backend /wp-admin/ folder in it.

the only caching i have is with Cloudflare. the webserver is Litespeed.

i had a page rule for /wp-admin/ and i removed it now. lets see if this was the issue.

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