Wordpress APO: Chrome/Edge reading cache when Firefox reads page

Chrome/Edge seemingly not reading page while Firefox and Android Chrome works perfectly.

For these problem browsers, CTRL-F5 does see them read the page but then doing a reload sees cached page being loaded. Problem exists only when enable the wordpress APO. Adjusting the Cloudflare dashboard cache->configuration Browser Cache TTL has no effect.

Example at https://egpu.io/forums -> right sidebar isn’t being time updated.

A manual Cloudflare purge brings the page up to date but then stagnates thereafter.

Help please.

EDIT: Disabled AFO as there is no clear solution to this problem.

Thanks for the report, I think it’s related to the same issue with not purging all relevant pages as:

I will look into how to improve WP plugin purging logic.

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The fix is now live, please upgrade to WP plugin 3.8.7.