WordPress APO cache bypass

It appears that the WordPress APO cache is being bypassed for all pages on my “test” site, https://wordpress-apo.beh.uk/. I’ve conducted third-party tests using pingdom on the homepage and a separate page, but both show the cf-cache-status: BYPASS header (and the sluggish performance I’d expect running a test from Australia against an origin in the UK).

What’s going on? My expectation was that WordPress APO would essentially cache all pages for logged-out users.


Hi @behuk,

I pinged the team member… :slight_smile:

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APO Cache Miss When Testing With Pingdom.

TLDR: pingdom sends “cache-control: no-cache” request header that forces to bypass APO caching.


D’oh! Excellent spot, thank you @yevgen.

Thanks @yevgen :smiley:

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