WordPress APO, Browser Prefetch & Quicklink


I am one of the developers of the WordPress Plugin of Quicklink by GoogleChromeLabs. We are currently testing how quicklink performs with WordPress APO.

So far we have activated and verified that APO is up and running on our WordPress. We are also seeing that Quicklink is analysing the site and dynamically adding prefetch instructions for the browser for links visible in the viewport (and that meet some other criteria).

We noticed that the prefetch-requests by the browser inconsistently return results with ‘cf-cache-status=BYPASS’ on pages where we know we have normally have a cache result.

So the question is if APO (or Cloudflare in general) reacts differently on requests with the ‘purpose: prefetch’ header. Or maybe it’s something else?

You can see the combination in action here: https://www.luehrsen-heinrich.de/


@yevgen is the one to ask. He usually checks in here at least once a day.

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I wasn’t been able to reproduce the issue with ‘cf-cache-status=BYPASS’. All links which were prefetched had ‘cf-cache-status=HIT’.


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