Wordpress APO and OMGF

After installing APO, Page Speed Insights is flagging that we should preload our Google Fonts. We currently have OMGF installed for this purpose.

However, I’m not sure if this matters once APO is installed and activated, since the fonts are cached.

Can someone please share some insights and guidance on this?

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Hi there!

Sorry to hear about the issues you have been having with APO. We did have a few reports of APO having affected linked font assets.

That being said, it looks like our team may have addressed this so I wanted to ask if by chance, after purging your cache if this issue was still occurring for you?

Thank you much in advance!

Thanks for the reply. However, this is not the same issue is the Google Fonts not being loaded properly. What I’m referring to is whether or not the APO changes the way preloading happens.

E.g., Page Speed Insights is now giving us the following recommendation:

Consider using <link rel=preload> to prioritize fetching resources that are currently requested later in page load. Learn more.
Potential Savings
4,980 ms
4,830 ms


We have been using the plugin OMGF to manage preloading of these fonts. It was working until we activated the APO. I don’t understand why that would have any effect on whether or not the fonts are preloaded — but I also don’t know if it matters, since the APO is caching them.

What version of OMGF are you on? Preload was removed in one of the recent plugin updates (you can check changelogs). I believe the dev said it would return in a future update.

I haven’t updated because of this.

Oh wow — that is definitely the problem then.
But practically speaking, does this matter if you’re using APO?

I wish I could answer that. You could always do some testing now (keep records) and then again after preload returns to OMGF.

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