Wordpress APO and mobile

Cool thing: APO. but there is a small problem. Sometimes desktop and mobile design get mixed up when I activate it.

Mobile design sometimes comes up when I use the sample desktop browser. However, it gets better when I refresh the page. Sometimes it doesn’t improve, it stays that way.

Desktop and mobile designs are different on my Wordpress site. I use plugin for mobile.

I wanted to point out this problem. When it is resolved I will activate it again.

Thanks cloudflare, we love you.

Hey @kuaza,

Apologies you’re having issues! Which plugin are you using for mobile pages?

hi, thanks your reponse. plugins: http://forum.tagdiv.com/the-mobile-theme/

I will post two screenshots. In some cases it changes. Firefox also comes mobile design.

Desktop browsers.

=========== Firefox: ===========

========== Microsoft Edge: ===========

Example google pagespeed test. look at desktop, mobile version is visible.

In another example there was the opposite. Desktop version appeared in the mobile part.

I think this is a serious problem.

It’s possible that this plugin conflicts with the way APO works. We’d recommend making your theme completely responsive vs using a mobile plugin if possible, otherwise APO just may not be compatible with this particular plugin.

Because there are 1000’s of plugins out there, it’s difficult for us to address each one individually, however, we will be releasing a list of both approved plugins and those that are known to conflict with APO.

I’d recommend opening up a support ticket if you want us to look into this particular case / plugin.


I have exactly the same problem. Newspaper is one of the most popular themes in its category. It has a lot of users - I think it is worth fixing - at the moment the functionality is redundant for me and the money is wasted.

we are waiting for support for tagdiv mobile theme :slight_smile:

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