Wordpress APO and media files - especially videos

Hello, everyone !

The Wordpress Automatic Platform Optimization (Advanced Platform Optimization for WordPress | Optimize Your Wordpress Site | Cloudflare) sounds pretty interesting for my needs.
After looking everywhere on the Cloudflare site and on Google I was however not able to find out if the plugin / service also caches the full Wordpress media library including videos.

As I serve a lot of videos, a simple solution to mirror my Wordpress media libraries content’s to the Cloudfalre CDN would be ideal. Is this the case here? And if so, how does it work?

Many thanks for your time and ansers !


Cheers! I found that link but it is about moving the entire media library to Cloudflare via cPanel and then deleting the local media library.
The way I understand it, the APO plugin is an integrated solution which might not require a manual moving of the files and re-writing all links in the database. Ideally, I’d love to still have a synchronize media library.

APO and Cloudflare cache doesn’t provide caching of video files. You can check out Cloudflare Stream for video solution.

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