Wordpress APO and Imunify360

So, the Wordpress APO is causing the Imunify360 to be triggered on one of my sites:

We have noticed an unusual activity from your IP and blocked access to this website.

Please confirm that you are not a robot

Also, is NOT my IP address… and this is now the second time I’ve ended up having to turn off the APO (first was b/c it wasn’t transmitting the Real Visitor IP and messing up Wordfence, now this)

Thanks for flagging this. To make sure I understand, you are seeing this block screen when trying to access your site w/ APO enabled ?

Does that happen 100% or the time? Is it ongoing now or did you disable APO ?

Yes, whenever trying to access w/ APO enabled it happens — from anywhere (tested via PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest), and so ended up having to disable APO completely. I did re-enable after a few days to see if it was still an issue, and it was still creating that issue, so re-disabled and have kept it off since.

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Thanks for confirming. I can see that we have a ticket open w/ you and we are working internally on compatbile plugins.

Unfortunately we can’t fix them all, but we’ll keep this updated as we have more clarity.

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