Wordpress APO 429 Too Many Requests

Hi, we are using the Wordpress plugin with APO enabled. However we get 429 Too Many Requests errors all the time. It’s not possible to clear cache because of this and our page edits aren’t live until cache is cleared. I can see in our logs that most of the failing requests are GET /client/v4/zones.
I’m not aware of any other plugin in our app that makes requests to cloudflare. What can we do to troubleshoot and solve this problem? I know that there’s a global 1200 request / 5 minutes rate limit, but there are other rate limits too and it’s not clear to me which one we’re hitting.

Hi @tomas8 ,

We are sorry that you are having this problem with the 499 errors.
Are you still experiencing this issue? Is this issue replicable on incognito or a different browser?
During the past few days we had some API Incidents that could have caused the issues you were experiencing.

If you are still having this issue, could you please:

  1. Create a HAR File recording the issue that you are describing.
  2. Can you create a support ticket and share the ticket number here? You can open ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support


Hi, thanks for the quick response.

We are still experiencing the 429 errors. It has been going on for months. Just to be clear - these requests are performed by a Wordpress plugin created and maintained by Cloudflare: https://www.cloudflare.com/integrations/wordpress/

I can see in our apache error logs that there are 429 errors, but I don’t have control over what the plugin is doing and I’m not sure how to capture a request performed by your plugin as HAR. Could you please provide assistance with this?


Tomas Perunsky