WordPress and DNS

I am seeing a very strange issue with WordPress sites and cPanel DNS servers. The sites for the most part work great… except the some mobile users cannot get to the site at all. It appears to be mostly android users. In my testing I have found that using the Cloudflare DNS servers fixes the issue. Has anyone seen anything like this? It is quite odd that it is only WordPress sites. There are other non-WordPress sites on the same platform that don’t have this issue. Thanks in advance for your input here.

Hi there,

Since you’re referring specifically to android users, and the problem is solved when changing to Cloudflare DNS, my 1st guess it their mobile operator is blocking them from accessing this specific website.

Gather information about whom it happens to and what mobile operator they use and have them test if connected to a 3rd party Wi-Fi solves the issue.

Your website might be blocked by certain ISPs.

Take care.

That’s what I was thinking as well. I met with an android user that couldn’t access the site. I tested it myself on his phone. I could ping the site address but could not access it via Firefox. I connected his phone to my WiFi and had the same results. I also tested other websites that we host. He could access other sites, just not the WordPress websites that were hosted on Linux that use the cPanel DNS servers. Quite strange.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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