Wordpress and cloudflare



Hello everyone, I’m new with CDN and after a I read about cloudflare and choose to work with it.
I have website in wordpress, I created account. change the NS server to cloudflare and install the wordpress plugin but can’t see any change in speed or result in testing.
in the dashboard I can see the my website is active but that’s it.

my hosting is cpanel and I didn’t install anything there.

what I’m doing worng?



Probably nothing. You won’t see a whole lot of difference until you start digging in for the details. If you post the URL, we can take a look. Or you can start looking at your HTTP headers with something like webpagetest.org.


the url is lotterytfs.com


Cloudflare is caching the static assets, but we’re still going to the origin server for dynamic content. The origin itself its pretty slow which is, I think, accounting for a decent portion of the page render time. This query runs through a San Francisco based host and a SFO based Cloudflare POP since it’s closest to me from a network perspective. I don’t think is all that close to the origin so results are probably a bit worse than they might be closer to the origin itself.

First curl direct to origin, second curl through Cloudflare. Timing is in seconds.

for i in {1..3};curl -s -w "%{time_total}\n" -o /dev/null --resolve lotterytfs.com:80:[origin IP redacted] http://lotterytfs.com
[~] for i in {1..3};curl -s -w "%{time_total}\n" -o /dev/null http://lotterytfs.com