Wordpress and Cloudflare Re-Capture


I have the problem on my Website under: https://www.special4you.marketing/

All works fine but when i go over Tor or a VPN the Re-Capture comes up. OK, that is not bad… but i can do the Re-Capture 100 Times and didn´t get on my Website it´s self.

I use invisible Re-Capture Plugin on wordpress its self. But when i deaktivate it, its the same.

The other Problem i have is that i use Fast Cache with the option to combine it with the Cloudflare API. But when i do this i get massiv Problems in the Admin Area with Caching everything. So i write a article and save and i get the version from bevor. Only i do a reload with all data, its shows the new Version in Backend.

Still hope the Re-Capture Problem can be solved. Or some one can say me how can i deaktivaded Re-Captcha in Cloudflare.

EDIT:The invisible re-capture alone works well, so its seem not be the problem !?!?!?!?

Thanks and a nice Sunday!

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