Wordpress and Cloudflare Images

How does CF Images work with Wordpress? Cannot find a straightforward answer on this forum, so far.

Cloudflare Images is something like an image hosting service. Images will be served via imagedelivery.net domain instead of your own domain wp-content folder. It’s just a matter of pointing the image URL to imagedelivery.net in your website HTML code.

Regarding image uploading, you can upload it via Cloudflare dashboard, or you can upload images programmatically via API.

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That’s understandable, as it requires a coding change in WordPress as Eric mentioned. Maybe someone will create a plugin that does this. Until then, it’s not that workable in WordPress.


I upload an image to Cloudflare Images, and then copy the link to the variant size I want to use. Then, when I am creating a Wordpress post, when I go to insert an image I choose “Insert from URL” and paste in the URL that I copied in Cloudflare Images. That’s pretty much it. A few more steps than uploading an image directly into Wordpress, but it works for me.

In my mind, Wordpress handles the image sizing. If you use Cloudflare Images, you just get the one size unless you custom code the HTML.

I’d considered that - I do something similar when using WPCompress with images in CSS. Although that service is excellent, there are some caching issues when using with Cloudflare. Won’t hold my breath for CF’s plugin!

I reckon that plugin would create CF many more paid WP clients currently on the free plan.

Does it not create variants on-the-fly? I use WpCompress and can simply add a full size image to a post and they deliver a resized, ideal-format version in ms.

True. But my theme limits images to 700 pixels wide, so I have that set as the main variant that I use. If I change themes and can have wider images later on down the road, I can modify that variant definition to match.

It may not be the best solution, but it is what I am experimenting with to see what happens.

Cloudflare Images can have several variants, but each one has a unique URL:


So while your post may have a specific URL for the image, something like the Featured Image is also a unique URL. I don’t see a WordPress site giving you the flexibility to use the various typical sizes (Thumb, Small, Medium, Large, Full) when using an external URL. Not without some custom coding.


You’d have to do assigning variants in a img srcset manner I suppose


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