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Suddenly 2 of my WordPress sites could not communicate with Cloudflare via Cloudflare plugin.
I even enable APO to test it but no.

I disabled all the plugins, change theme template, turn off firewall, reboot server, reinstall WordPress latest or previous version, re install Cloudflare plugin etc but nothing works.
I can see that even with WordPress plugin installed or not, Cloudflare api does not communicate with my domain anymore.

My domains are hosted in contabo server, I have check about ip blacklist etc with no result!

My domains are behind Cloudflare’s dns !

Does anyone have any idea about this issue?

What are the sites?

the one with the plugin installed is nealive.gr

Thank you, it loads ok for me. APO is currently disabled on that site.

Can you restate the issue? I am not really clear what it is :person_shrugging: steps to reproduce & screenshots help.

Is that APO or is there an issue with the #developers:api?

You can see the cache status in the screen below. Website loads but not cached!

When i apply the recommended Cloudflare setting in the plugin in the past it completed ok. Now its in a never ending loop and never ends.

When i enable the APO (have done it in the past) it looks ok at a first glance

but actually its never enabled because when I go in settings for example and return to home I get the below screenshot

and if i change to another plugin and return to Cloudflare I have this screenshot

the error about the header gets dissapeared after a while.

But even if i visit the Cloudflare we can see that it cannot detect the plugin!

Either way i was not using the Cloudflare plugin before, only a third partie, i just installed to confirm the issue with Cloudflare CDN because for me it stopped working with all the plugins!

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Thank you for the details, I am not seeing similar reports of issues nor can I reproduce this. Maybe @yevgen can offer insight into what’s happening?

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here is another user with the same issue!

Also here is the plugin which works with Cloudflare and the issue firstly appeared!

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