WordPress AMP only on posts - should I enable CloudFlare AMP feature if I use WordPress AMP plugin for it?

Dear all,

We have switched to Cloudflare.
As we are new here, here is what we do not know and need your assistance and help.

Currently, we switched to SSL.
Running WordPress and have AMP plugin which creates amphtml only for posts.

We saw AMP feature provided by Cloudflare in options “Speed”.
Could you please write us back what it means?
Should we enable it or keep it disabled because of our situation having AMP links even before - now waiting for Google to crawl new HTTPS links to show up AMP links.

Do we need to enable the feature?
Either if yes or no, what does it do in different than our WordPress AMP plugin?
Should we keep id disabled - both 1st and 2nd option for links and logo?
Or to enable it?

We do not want it for homepage and sub-pages. Only posts as we had untill now.
Can we keep it like that?

If yes, what to do with this cool feature which you provide?



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