Wordpress Admin URL error: redirected you too many times

It seems cloudflare got update and my website front end working fine but unable to login to WordPress Admin:


topkitchenlab.com redirected you too many times.

Please help and advice.


Set your encryption mode on Cloudflare to Full Strict.



Thank you for reply, I changed to Full Strict. Now both fronted and wordpress admin says server down, please see screenshot.

I am using Google Cloud VM.

That suggests your server is not properly configured.

I’d pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS, you’ll probably have to talk to your host about that, and unpause Cloudflare once the site is loading fine.

Google cloud vm block cloudflare IP’s even after whitelisted. So I was using SSL (Flexible) and site was working fine. but now frontend works, but wordpress admin not loading.

Yeah, that is a broken setup I am afraid. Switch it to Full Strict and pause Cloudflare as I just mentioned.

Now it says:

That’s the same reason why you got the error message before.

Now continue with that.


Thank you,

I am contacting Google Cloud support then.


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Either way, the machine is not reachable because it is not properly configured and that is the reason why the OP experiences the issue. He needs to configure his server properly so that it responds on HTTPS and that’s where Google comes in, whom he is about to contact.


site is loading without SSL: http://topkitchenlab.com/ (cloudflare off)

but wp-admin redirecting to ssl, i see same : ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR (chrome), firefox seem not loading site.

I’m visiting the admin page so maybe that’s why I’m getting connection refused and NOT quic protocol error

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I can really only repeat what I wrote before. :slight_smile:


I have this question, cloudflare SSL active on site if cloudflare is off? I have no other SSL than cloudflare one.

That’s the point and what I was referring to. You need SSL on your server, hence what I wrote. There are plenty of places where you can obtain a proper SSL certificate from and this is where your host comes in, you need to clarify this with them.


If you want a secure site, you’ll set this up at your host. Cloudflare can provide a certificate if your host will let you add it.



that means I need to get that certificate from cloudflare and install in google cloud VM ?

Any valid certificate, an Origin certificate will do, it just needs to be trusted by Cloudflare. Any publicly trusted certificate for your hostname will do, as will an Origin certificate.

You configure that with Google and once your site loads fine on HTTPS - as I said - you can unpause.

The important thing is that your server needs to properly respond on HTTPS.