Wordpress Admin Logout Issue



I have WordPress 5.1 installed on one of my websites. I also use Cloudflare Flexible SSL Free Version. I have the Problem, that when logging out of the WordPress Admin Dashboard, and click to a Page on the Frontend of the Website, the Admin Dashboard is still shown (Cached) even if I logged out.

I defined in Cloudflare the following Page Rules:



All Apps and Caching Features are disabled.

When I enable Development Mode in CF, the Issue is gone. When I disable Development Mode the Issue is present.

How I can fix this?

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I also tried with this settings as well, still the same issue:


The bottom rule has Cache Everything enabled for the entire site. That admin bar is inserted in all pages, and that gets cached. I bet you’ll even see an Edit link in pages as well. Same problem.

You can fix the Admin Bar problem by going to your User Profile and turning off “Show Toolbar when viewing site”.

You’ll still have that “Edit Link” problem, though. A workaround/suggestion is to not browse the site as an admin user. Use a second browser that’s not logged into the site to do this.

Or use this setup instead of Cache Everything:


For the first two, remove Always Online & Disable Security, then change Integrity Check: On (optional), Security Level: High (should be set in Firewall > Tools), Cache Level: Bypass, Automatic HTTP Rewrites: On (should be set in Crypto), Disable Apps, Cache Deception Armour: On (optional) and Disable Performance.
Don’t forget to flush your cache when done.

And create at least one Firewall rules blocking URI path contains /wp-admin and wp-login and does not equal your IP or AS number