Wordpress admin does not show thumbnails at all

I see to have no thumbnails when I have Cloudflare orange clouded on my domain.

I can’t seem to work out why.

When I log in directly to the server IP address and wordpress admin area, it loads fine.
When I log in via the dejavuguides.com link on HTTP and HTTPS it still doesn’t load properly.

I have checked the Wordpress Address settings too and they seem okay. Inspect Elements> Console does not show any errors.

Has anyone seen this error before?

These icons appear to be implemented via a font and it would seem the browser cant load the font for some reason.

If I am not mistaken the right file should be https://www.dejavuguides.com/wp-includes/fonts/dashicons.eot, which is actually loading fine. I’d use the developer tools to check why it might not load or why the icons/text might not be displayed.

That’s what I am finding strange too. I inspected element and received this:

No clear errors there.

Console also showing no errors here.

I cant tell in the case of your setup, but it appears it might get loaded twice, via an HTTP as well as a data URL. I’d check the network requests and try to find out why the necessary file/URL might not get loaded.

Generally though I’d recommend to take this to a Wordpress forum, as you might get better ideas over there.

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Fair suggestion. I have re-posted here. Let’s see if someone else knows what might be up.

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