WordPress Admin broken suddenly?

Hi folks,
I logged into one of my dev sites today and was surprised to see the WP Admin CSS busted. That is, it’s partially there, but massively missing lots of stuff. The CSS file that looks like so has nothing but a bit of font CSS https://example.com/wp-admin/load-styles.php?c=1&dir=ltr&load[chunk_0]=dashicons,admin-bar,site-health,common,forms,admin-menu,dashboard,list-tables,edit,revisions,media,themes,about,nav-menus,wp-poi&load[chunk_1]=nter,widgets,site-icon,l10n,buttons,wp-auth-check&ver=5.8.1

This made me think it’s something to do with CSS minification, so I turned that off, but no dice.

I’ll note that very occasionally it sort of works, in the sense that it mostly displays the wp-admin correctly, but there are still visual glitches that are very obvious if you’ve used WP at all.
I then tried disabling ALL the minification settings and Rocket Loader, purging caches, and none of that works.

When I disable Cloudflare entirely and/or set a direct IP in my hosts file, I get the normal response/layout from the wp-admin. But so long as it’s going through Cloudflare, the whole thing is massively borked.

Of course, I could just tell CF not to touch the wp-admin, but it’s been working fine for weeks, so I’m a bit puzzled at this sudden breakage. Seems like a bug no?

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