Wordpress Admin area loads slow

This seems to be a common problem now. Frequently getting timed out and super slow WordPress dashboard area. Defining page rule for admin area is also not helping. Is it time to leave Cloudflare and purchase SSL from hosting providers?

Can you please provide more detail about how your settings are configured and how your page rule is setup?

You should set a hosts file entry on your computer or use the Chrome / Firefox extension Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. so that you can access your server directly. After that, is it still slow?

Page rule defined here WordPress Admin-page speed - #2 by andy

How to do that?

Anyone here to help on this topic?

Follow that link I posted above. Get the extension installed, and configure it as needed.

Its confusing out there. Can you tell exactly what has to be configured in Chrome extension? The Cloudflare nameservers ip addresses to be entered? But where?

On post editing page some js and css files of the plugins fails to load. It makes it too slow to load too. PS: I am on managed wp and my host doesn’t allow w3 total cache plugin.

You need to add the IP address of your server in your hosts file. So for example you’d have an entry like this: mydomain.com
Then save that. If you’re using the plugin I linked above, it will refresh your system dns cache for you.

Not getting it. Please explain it with Cloudflare example.

You mean the IP addresses you get when you ping Cloudflare nameservers? Also, the chrome extension doesn’t save anything on # ipaddress hostname format.

No, you need the IP address of your origin server. That is what you enter into your hosts file. That’s probably a bigger topic though… you should run a search to learn how to use hosts file to bypass external dns.

well I tried this by adding entry in hosts file. However, it is still slow.
PS:I entered address with https against IP.