WordPress Address and Site Address


A newbie here with Cloudflare, so please bear with me.

Recently I migrated my website from one to another host. When tried to activate CF, everything has gone all over the place so I was forced to delete the website.

I keep my WordPress files in a separate folder, and have a copy of the index.php file in the root.

For example, my settings in WP are like this:

WordPress Address (URL) : https://www.mydomain.com/folder

Site Address (URL): https://www.mydomain.com

Just wanted to make sure that this setup will work fine with Cloudflare before I attempt to activate it again. SiteGround allows to do this from their end. Is it probably better if I use WP plugin to do this?

Thank you.


If a site works properly with HTTPS before adding it to Cloudflare, then it will work fine once you add it to Cloudflare. Cloudflare doesn’t care about your URL’s file structure.

Thanks a lot. I’ll probably give it a go with the WP plugin and see how I go.

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