Wordpress 5.8 generating Cloudflare 524 errors

I have many wordpress sites and they all use Cloudflare. When I update a site to Wordpress 5.8 (latest version) and then I try to edit / a page etc - I get a 524 error.
If I have a website that has wordpress 5.7 - then I have no problems.
I have a wordpress 5.8 site that doesnt use Cloudflare - then I also have no problems.

My hosting company says it’s not them - as if I use a website that does not use Cloudflare - there are no problems. A perfect mess it seems. If I use a wordpress using another hosting Company - I also dont have a problem.

Any ideas of where to go next ?

Did you use the search?

If so, you certainly have come across Community Tip - Fixing Error 524: A timeout occurred, right?

Have you tried the mentioned steps already? The issue simply is that your server takes too long to respond.

Hi - yes I have already gone through those steps. The fact that WP 5.7 has no problems but 5.8 does have problems - seems to me that it is a WP problem OR the fact my hosting Co is running php 7.0.15 ( no longer supported by php devs)

It’s difficult to tell why your server takes longer, but a request should generally never take that long and will simply time out on Cloudflare. You’ll either need to make sure your server is responding faster or unproxy the DNS record instead (:orange::grey:).

If I have to unproxy the DNS record - then I guess there is little point in using cloudflare ?

Or you

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