Wordfence saying DNS records have changed

So today I got an error message in one of my wordpress sites that runs through cloudflare saying my DN records have changed:

Details: We have detected a change in the A records of your DNS configuration that may affect the domain. An A record is a record in DNS that points a domain name to an IP address. A change in your DNS records may indicate that a hacker has hacked into your DNS administration system and has pointed your email or website to their own server for malicious purposes.

Is this something cloudflare does from time to time or should I be worried. The site seems to load fine. It’s strange because I have been reworking the design of the site this week but that shouldn’t have caused any issues, though I did install wordfence a couple of days ago.

It’s been a long time since I’ve received that type of Wordfence warning. But, yes, IP addresses for your Cloudflare site may change once in a great while.

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Thanks for your reply, that’s reassuring.