Wordfence & cloudflare

i zant to knoz if its possible or recommended to tuse cloudfare and wordfence together for the same website

It shouldn’t be a problem. I use Cloudflare and WP security plugins to secure my sites.

Yes, you can use. Please follow the below guideline in WordFence configuration.

The Official Docs says

Use the Cloudflare “CF-Connecting-IP” HTTP header to get a visitor IP. Only use if you’re using Cloudflare.

Wordfence is fully compatible with Cloudflare, and in some configurations Cloudflare will send the real visitor IP address to your web server using the CF-Connecting-IP HTTP header. If the Cloudflare support personnel have advised you that this is the case, then enable this option on Wordfence to ensure that Wordfence is able to get your visitor IP address.

Note that Cloudflare has several configurations including their own web server module that takes care of detecting the visitor IP address, so be sure to work with their technical support staff and read their documentation to determine which configuration you’re using.


  • Go to WordFence settings
  • Enable IP mode CF-Connecting-IP

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