Woocoomerce - Cloudflare conflict?


I’m out of ideas on how to fix this so I’m hoping someone here might be able to help. I am using Woocommerce on one of my websites and have installed cloudflare on it. After doing so, customers were no longer able to checkout as it kept giving an error that their credit cards were not able to be accepted. Only when putting cloudflare on developer mode, does checkout work again. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

That would suggest you are caching too aggressively. I presume you’d have a cache all page rule, right? You’d need to remove that or configure it less generic.

There have been dozens of threads related to your software, so I’d suggest to start with a search (as “recommended” per forum rules :wink:).

I did do a search before hand and didn’t find anything related to my issue unfortunately. I have done a page rule for both /cart and /checkout to bypass caching and performance.

Can you post a screenshot of all your page rules?

Also, without the domain it is impossible to say anything anyhow.

You seem to be on a partner setup. In this case your host should be your first point of contact.

However, what is the exact issue? Post a screenshot of it. I presume you are not handling the credit card payments yourself, but via another partner and if they fail they should be able to tell why.

Also, considering you do not seem to have a cache all rule, it shouldnt be a caching issue as only static resources are cached in your case.

I’ve already contacted the credit card merchant and the transactions aren’t even showing up on the gateway.

So where does it fail?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out is what is causing it. Simply with cloudflare enabled the payment gateway form on the checkout page will not accept credit cards.

I am sorry but such application debugging would be a bit out of scope of the forum here.

The only advice I can give you is to check if your payment gateway might have issues contacting your site because of the additional security layer (that often happens), but in this case your payment provider should have at least the payment attempts showing up.

Should that be the issue, I would also suggest to search the forum for that particular issue, as that has been covered more than once as well.

For anything else it would be best to contact your host or developer.

alright, thanks anyways

Though application debugging is out of the scope, there might be still some hints possible but you’d need to provided proper information on the issue (as mentioned in the forum rules). Without knowing what the issue is, it is impossible to give you even the slightest hint.

not sure what further information to even provide? All I know is that the issue only happens when cloudflare is enabled.

I mentioned twice already a screenshot for example :wink:

And I gave you a screenshot of my page rules as requested

That is not what I was referring to. Please re-read my earlier response. The page rules are obviously not very useful in determining what the problem even is in the first place.

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