Hello. I currently have the FREE plan and the 3 page rules in place that Cloudflare recommends to start with (301 redirect, WP Login/Admin pages, and Cache Everything).

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this statement: “Unless you’re paying for a Business Plan, there’s no way to exclude logged-in users. This means that everyone will see the same content.”.

For my particular site, users are granted access to select “DYNAMIC” pages (think directory listing with search/filtering capabilities), via the WooCommerce Memberships plugin. These pages are excluded from all other non-CDN caching.

Just trying to find out what the risks are, if any, run letting the Cache Everything rule ride.

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Hi @ryan10, bumping this up, I am not familiar with woocommerce, but it is talked about by @Judge here, Cloudflare in woocommerce.

Thanks. I had another client hit this issue, today. WooCommerce site on CF and multiple issues with areas like signing in, creating accounts, Etc. As soon as I removed CF from the equation…all problems went away.

My clients are never going to pay for a Business plan, if that’s what’s needed. Pro? Maybe.

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Sorry if I blindly suggest this, as I’m not familiar with Woocommerce, but wouldn’t it help if you set the “Cache Everything” rule to /wp-content*, instead of to /*, so that your images, css and JS files are cached, while Woocommerce-specific directories are not? Again, not familiar with Woocommerce, but I’d expect their dynamic page URLs to be placed somewhere else.

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