WooCommerce - Zapier REST API


I have WooCommerce Zapier plugin running on our Wordpress site. I have a particular Zap to add coupons to Woo when a form is submitted in WP.

If I run/test the Zap from within Zapier then they always go through Ok. If I then turn on the Zap, when it runs automatically it fails constantly and reports the faults back as 401 but the return comes from Cloudflare, not our website. I have set up Firewall rules / Page rules to bypass the cache & firewall for the REST endpoints however it appears that the Cloudflare firewall is still interfering as the 401 response still comes from Cloudflare’s servers.

I have contacted support at both Zapier & the plugin developers and they all tell me that the issue is with Cloudflare. What is unusual is that if I run re-run the failed Zaps from within the Zapier dashboard then they all go through without issue??!

Hope someone can help.


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