WooCommerce Worker Script Cloudflare Free Plan


is there a possibility / workaround to exclude Woocommerce Cart and Checkout Page from Caching, with the Free CF Plan? I use already my 3 Page Rules for Excluding wp-admin / wp-login and Cache Everything Rule.

Found this Article:

This is my worker / route setup:

Worker Name: worker.domain.workers.dev

Additional Routes: domain.com/

DNS Settings:

Created A Record with name worker pointing to not existing IP proxied

Testing under Workers Get Request to https://worker.domain.workers.dev/ results in Error 522 Origin Connection Time-out

Can someone please help me with the Ground Setup for the worker Script ?


Can someone give me a hint who has also Woocommerce and Cloudflare Free Plan?


Hi @sally1, you may want to see if there is something close on Built With Workers, https://workers.cloudflare.com/built-with or ask in the #developers:workers forum to see if anyone is familiar with this use

Hello cloonan,

thanks for the Information.

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