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My WooCommerce website runs slower according to Pingdom and GTmetrix whenever I have cloudflare enabled. I use WP Rocket and I’m hosted with Siteground. I also use BunnyCDN for my CDN.

What settings should I post here so it’s easier to diagnose what the problem is? My load times are around 4s with Cloudflare and 2 seconds without it. I would like to get that speed below 1s optimally but I’m not sure how viable that it with an ecommerce website.

The most helpful info would be links to your GTMetrix tests without and with Cloudflare.

I would like to add a note from my experience.

Mostly, it depends on the origin host / server which needs to be optimized and tuned up.

The best case scenario which I have tested and is working perfectly fine (for my case) was the combination of:

  • dedicated server (1Gbps link, NvME disks, good CPU and enough RAM)
  • WP + WC (updated)
  • Nginx (with open file cache configured)
  • W3 Total Cache (PHP OPCache, Memcached, Redis, Page Cache, Browser Cache)
  • Cloudflare (Free or Pro plan)

Great one.

I was on SiteGround, and their Memcached did not work properly.
Also, their cache plugin seems to have some issues as well.
Despite of the fact of they are running on Google Cloud Platform.

I remember there were topics about WP Rocket + Cloudflare, therefore I suggest you to look up at the below articles in that terms:

Maybe for TTFB? Yes, but anything else, I am afraid and worried not possible if you have images, sliders, etc. on the e-commerce webshop.

  • a helpful thing would be lazy-loading images for example …
  • minify HTML, CSS, JS, Brotli, Rocket Loader …

Nevertheless, I would recommend going with Pro plan as it has got benefits and advantages especially due to the visitors comming from mobile (mostly nowadays), better image optimization (Mirage & Polish features) and some other.

I would also give it a try with a combination of Cloudflare APO for WordPress - but, maybe without WP Rocket or at least read below article if you are going to combine all that stuff as it could result having possible compatibillity issues as well if not configured correctly:

If interested, a great bunch of related articles here:

See at the below article for any helpful information WP Rocket + APO + Cloudflare:

Haven’t tested using Pingdom, GTMetrix, even no Google PageSpeed, but from my web browser (disabled cache) results for 3 webshops (all have pretty heavy homepage, incl. 30 plugins installed each, big slider 2-3 images, etc.) I manage (same setup, same server) are as follows (Free plan all 3):



Not to mention, having Google AMP pages for them helps a lot at Google search / News at least for mine.

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What do you mean did not work properly? I’m using siteground now and would be happy if you show me what’s problem so i can try to fix for my sites.
Also, which issues did you find:

Note that the speed test should be monitored for at least 1 week and compared. Do not just test a few times and then the conclusion will always be incorrect.
As you said, your site will be much slower with CloudFlare enabled. This can also be explained. Depending on your intended use and customer service area, you should decide whether to enable CloudFlare or not.

Speed test tools are just… tools. You can measure the speed in an area, but it should not be decided by that to be slow or fast. Use a real phone or computer to access your website, ask friends or people in different regions to test it.
The tools will give you an overview of the problem, but won’t pinpoint the exact problem.

This is with Cloudflare: Latest Performance Report for: https://clutchbuys.store/ | GTmetrix
Without Cloudflare: Latest Performance Report for: https://clutchbuys.store/ | GTmetrix

Now these were just for one run each.

That was a pretty in-depth answer, thank you! I’ll look through those resources and see if I can make something of it. So what would you say is a good TTFB?

Just taking a look at your tests, I see a very slight difference in load time for the homepage HTML (250ms vs 283ms). As @fritex pointed out, APO will help this for users not logged in (it’s not safe to cache logged in users).

Where Cloudflare really shines is in overall load time once all static files are cached. It loads in about a second. Though sometimes TTFB is 3.5 seconds.

What concerns me is how many optimizers you have in place: WP Rocket, SiteGround, and Cloudflare. It’s bound to cause some cache sync issues and is generally unnecessary.

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I try not to overlap settings on each. It’s generally not a problem since some issues work better with certain things. For example, sometimes minify breaks the theme on one theme and not the other. I think I’ll give APO a shot and see how it works.

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