Woocommerce variable product

Hi there,

I’ve Cloudflare on a woocommerce site, I’m having an issues on a [specific page](Cuneesi in scatola - Pasticceria Arione), this is a variable product and require also a “small configuration” with product add-ons.

I try to explain the problem:
the first time you visit the page you can add the product to the cart with the configuration you want, but if you want 2 or more different configurations you can’t do this and the page give back the error message like’s there’s no configurations, and also don’t load the product image and the price don’t change.
If you want to add more configurations you have to go outside of this page and than come back.

Somebody can please help me?


I’ve already read this: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200169906-Troubleshooting-missing-images and try every step, without results.


Just discovered that the problem show’s up in all of variable product.

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