Woocommerce Product Prices not changing Properly

Hi Team,

We are using Cloudflare pro plan on our website www.pcstudio.in.

From last 1-2 days we are facing an issue where in the prices changed in the backend wp panel aren’t showing up properly on the front end. Below is the example.

Product A’s prices is updated from $100 to $90 - sometime in the Archive Page (category page) it still shows $100 & when clicked on it goes to product details page there it shows $90. Vice-versa also happens sometime.

Is this related to browser cache ttl? Our current time for it is 1 day. Do you recommend changing it to less as our website will have more number of price changes on daily basis & also the traffic is high.


Please use APO for Wordpress based sites. Thank you. APO in exclusively for Wordpress and super optimized, flushes automatically cache and can bypass on cookie base etc. Basically all features you want to have at Wordpress/WooCommerce.

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@M4rt1n We are already using APO since 8 months almost. It was never an issue & this issue started popping up recently like from 2-3 days.

We have actually shifted our hosting server from VPS to dedicated. Would that be any reason? But it is almost a month we have shifted to new server.

Thanks, thats important info. Then everything should work. Can you provide us with an example of a product page that ATM displays a wrong price?

@M4rt1n Currently we have purged everything manually & the issue seems to be fixed for now.

But then I can share you the screenshot of this issue which we were facing.

The original price of this product is 28,250

Please post the URL as soon as it happens again so we can take a look into it. Screenshots do apparently not containe the info I am looking for. Thanks.

Ok then you need to give me a day’s time. Can this ticket/post be kept opened till then?

I will post the URL as soon it happens again. Yesterday we have purged cache manually & it was resolved. Today we had this again.

This thread ATM will stay open, untill 15 days after the last reply.

There are two options:

  1. the issue is with your installation or any other cache that may interfere
  2. the issue is with APO

Once the URL is provided, we will find out.

As far as I know we don’t use any other cache leaving this Cloudflare. If you are talking about other caching plugins for our website.

What has to be done in this case?

Cool. Will surely do that. This is actually bit embarrassing for our customers. They see a price & buy with another prices when they click :frowning:


Below is the URL for reference of the issue. The updated price of this product is Rs. 3999/- and in the product page it shows Rs.5925/- which we have updated just an hour back.


Once you refresh this link the price gets updated, but this has to happen automatically since we are using APO.

Kindly help us find the fix. Attaching the screenshots also for reference.


It seems the problem is with APO, as it seems not to flush the correct cache when you update the price. If you hard-reload APO cache gets bypassed and you see the new price (RS. 3999,-).

What exactly went wrong I can’t tell but I am sure @yevgen can shed some light into this.

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Could you help us fix this?

He is already tagged, please wait patiently for him to reply. Thanks.

Please check Cloudflare plugin version. If you are on 4.8.0, please try downgrading to 4.7.0. There are reports of issues with purging using 4.8.0.


Hi @yevgen

Yes. We are using 4.8.0. Is there anyway to downgrade that to 4.7.0 from WP Dashboard itself or is there a place to download the earlier versions like git or something?


Thanks. I have already downloaded that from Wordpress Repository & updated it manually.

Let me observe if the issue is fixed or not.

Thanks Again

Hi Again @yevgen ,

Guess the issue isn’t resolved even after downgrading the Wordpress Plugin to 4.7.0

I have just changed one of the product prices in the WP Dashboard & it’s reflect on the category/archive page still unless it’s refreshed (Ctrl + F5) or purge cache manually.

But when I open the product details page it shows the updated price.

Our current Browser Cache TTL is 1 day. Do you suggest us to change it? It was unchanged from last 8-9 months & everything was working fine till now. Post March 15th only this issue has started.


Kindly, click on the button “New topic” on the right side, select a proper category and post your new thread :wink: :point_down:

Thanks for raising this one; v4.8.1 has been released with an improvement to how we determined whether the cache purge request included the current zone. Could you try that and let me know how you go?

For future reference, the best place to lodge these bugs is in the GitHub issue tracker or customer support tickets to avoid this getting lost on the forums.

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