Woocommerce product images loading very late

Hi there,

I have full site cache enabled, all performance support features also enabled (rocket loader, polish, auto minify, brotli, Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization - everything except Mirage) - for some reason the product photo & gallery gets loaded last and rather slow. I assume as the JS here is pushed back by rocket loader and Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization? Or is something else responsible for this? Of course not ideal if the header and product title loads very fast and the user has to wait a longer time until the image finally fills that big white gap:

When I enable Mirage, it seems the top product image is loaded even later/slower. Possibly as mirage has to work optimizing all those other smaller images we have inside the user reviews? I thought Mirage will add lazy load to those, which should actually improve speed instead of decreasing it or not?

You can especially see that “delayed long image load” if you use the chome mobile view on your computer.

Thanks a lot in advance

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