WooCommerce pages not working

My WooCommerce pages are not working. I read documentation and got them to work briefly this morning but after I updated photos on the products and cleared the cache, the pages didn’t work again.

I have tried adding a page rule to Bypass WooCommerce but I cannot find the Bypass rule on the menu of options so I haven’t succeeded with that.

I’ve tried disabling the optimization for transients in WPRocket but that didn’t help either.

I am relatively a beginner so I may be missing something obvious.


What’s the URL of a page that’s not working?


The pages are working but the products aren’t loading into the cart.



I’m not sure if there are problems beyond that because this is as far as I could get.

You’ve created a Page Rule that includes “Cache Everything.” This is not advisable…especially for a WooCommerce site. I suggest you delete that Page Rule.

Looks like it worked. Thanks!

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If I want to change something or add something to my website, should I put it in Developer Mode?

Dev Mode generally isn’t needed unless you’re redesigning your site. For normal use ( such as most anything from wp-admin), you don’t need Dev mode. Unless you’ve set a Cache Everything page rule…then all bets are off.


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