WooCommerce / Page Rules Questions

We’re using Cloudflare with page rules to control cache for a WooCommerce site.

I see lots of advice is to bypass cache for the various WooC cookies (eg items in cart etc).

But is this really necessary as it will slow down site once something added to cart.

If you are using Ajax cart, and are bypassing cache using rules for all admin/account/cart/checkout pages why should you need to bypass it on the cookies?

Am I missing something here?!

In short, because, if the content would be cached, visitorA would see the items in a cart from the visitorB, etc.

I’d suggest for more information as there are additional related things mentioned in below posts:

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But I’m saying above that cart, checkout pages etc are excluded from cache by using the page rules.

So there is no other reason as far as I can tell other than dynamic content (if you have it)?

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