Woocommerce Page rules - not up to date docs

Dear Cloudflare Discussion Board,

I’ve been working on resolving a cart issue with WooCommerce for some time now. In my efforts, I’ve come across Cloudfare’s official documentation suggesting the need to set some WooCommerce/WordPress rules for caching in Page Rules. However, I’ve encountered some issues with the process.

Specifically, I’ve noticed that Step 2 “Cache Static HTML with Cloudflare Page Rules” has changed, and I’m unable to set the “Bypass Cache on Cookie rule matches” in Step 4. I’ve followed the instructions in this documentation:developers. Cloudflare /support/third-party-software/content-management-system-cms/Cloudflare-wordpress-plugin-automatic-cache-management/

I’ve also tried another method, as recommended in this blog post: blog.Cloudflare /ecommerce-best-practices/#method2populatingviajavascriptajax, but unfortunately, this was ineffective as well. My cart still doesn’t update.

Any suggestions or guidance on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hello @telecomstore ,

Page rule with Bypass cache on cookies is only available for Business Plan and above.
However, good news is, with the new Cache Rule, you can create a bypass cache with cookies.

Dashboard > Caching > Cache rules

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Thank you, what cookie descriptor / should i fill in for woocommerce cookies? / cart cookies? etc?