Woocommerce downloads are being cached/proxied through cloudflare

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I’ve also contacted the cloudflare support about our issue however no response yet. We’ve a problem with our downloads in our woocommerce store, the digital downloads are being cached/proxied through cloudflare.
The problem is with this that our customers can’t download the files anymore, the download speed is extremly slow for them and most of the files they try to download abort at around 1 GB in to the download.
When we disable the proxy (orange cloud in the dns settings), then the speeds are as they should be and the downloads are completing as they should too.
How can we exclude our downloads from being proxied through cloudflare?
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The best way is to separate the download links into a separate subdomain, which is :grey:.

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mhm, how could I do this, wordpress serves its downloads like this Example Domain

A URL like that shouldn’t be cached. Are you using APO, or a Cache Everything Page Rule?

Other than that, Eric’s suggestion is pretty much it. The only way to not proxy something is for the hostname to be set to :grey: DNS Only.

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I don’t use APO, Cache level is set to standard for the urls.
Yes disable the proxy would be a way, but then the whole traffic is not anymore proxied. A specific rule/exception for the download url would be good but I don’t know how to achieve this.

There’s absolutely no way to bypass DNS with a Page Rule.

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