Woocommerce + Cloudflare Business Plan

If I use Cloudflare Business plan My Woocommerce site

1 - is dynamic cache and static cache is delivered by Cloudflare?

2 - guest will get CF cache hit, if user is returning client, will the requests hit the server?

3 - if bypass cookie , will request hit server?

4 - Ajax calls for dynamic content still hit server?

May I ask if you are using any caching plugin for WordPress at your origin host/server?

May I suggest below article how to properly set Cloudflare cache using Page Rule for WordPress/WooCommerce to cache even more than standard things:

By default, “static cache” I assume the default “standard” cache level for known file extensions:

By “dynamic cache”, yes it is possible to cache the HTML but you have to use the link from above to properly set Bypass by Cookie method using Page Rule.

First time and every time other a webpage is not being cached (cf-cache-status: HIT) the request would reach (even when DYNAMIC) the origin host/server.

  • if you are using some caching plugin for WordPress like W3 Total Cache, depending on the settings, the webpage may be in disk cached already, or if not, would be generated and cached at the origin + Cloudflare if setup correctly, would cache that HTML webpage and show HIT

Ajax calls will always go to the origin as far as I understand.
Do they contain some JSON value or rather a question due to default WordPress/WooCommerce Ajax (XHR) requests?

Kindly and patiently wait for someone else more experienced to reply.

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Origin = Google Cloud Platform hosted on Closte.com
Currently using = LSCache Plugin

My site = www.starlanka.com

I have previously used APO and the HTML cache miss 80% time, at that time there were no other cache as layer 2

Having 2 cache is something I worry unless it’s done correctly

And if I use Cloudflare Layer 1 (static+html) and LSCache as Layer 2 I think we cannot have APO installed so that the manual purge match on both system

If use business plan I want to use only Cloudflare as cache system. That’s why I want to know

I don’t want to have much direct request on origin for php and html render

any help will be great. I hope some expert can advice on this issue.

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