Woocommerce cart - cache bypass issue

Hi there,

I have Woocommerce store and have two page rules in the following order:

  1. Bypass cache for https://store.com/cart
  2. Cache Everything

I keep getting cf-cache-status: HIT for the cart page.
If I switch to development mode, or disable the second rule, the cart page appears as it should ( cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC )

any ideas on why this is happening?

Note, I have enabled LS cache plugin & memcached object caching, but they don’t seem to affect the issue anyhow.

Just figured out that store.com/cart* works as expected (DYNAMIC CACHE)
but store.com/cart*|checkout* does not work as expected (CACHE HIT)
any ideas here?

Of course not, your URL won’t be /cartwhatever|checkoutwhatever, right? And regular expressions are not supported.

You either use two separate page rules or configure /c*, though that will certainly also fire for /cashier.

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hey sandro, so, I guess, this does not work on a free plan either?

Precisely, as that feature is only available from Business upwards. You might want to check out APO, as that is available on Free plans for $5 a month and was particularly designed for Wordpress.

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thanks a bunch!

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