WooCommerce calendar won’t load without cache purge

I’m using WooCommerce and WooCommerce Bookings on my Wordpress site but am having significant issues with the calendar not loading but just ‘spinning’ and so customers can’t choose a date to book. Purging the cache solves it temporarily, but then it comes back. Can anyone recommend a solution please?


are you using lazy loading?

Please excuse my ignorance, what does that mean?

I have just implemented a page rule to ‘bypass’ product pages from cache. I don’t know if that is a bad way to deal with it, but it seems to have resolved the issue for now!

Do you use Lazy loading plugin on your site?

Add an exception for all your / products / pages so that they are not cache them.
You can exclude js instead of the whole page.

Have you tried to disable the Rocket Loader option at Cloudflare dashboard?
Do you use some caching plugins for your WordPress Website, or have some cache setup at Cloudflare dashboard like Cache Everything, etc.?

@maryhargreaves Kindly, check this steps as written for WooCommerce bookings follows " Why is the calendar not displaying on bookable products?" as it also suggests to disable Rocket Loader as I wrote above:

If so, regarding the WooCommerce, you should’t cache everything or pages like cart and checkout, or some other too. If so, you would need to bypass the cache by cookie at Cloudflare dashboard - if this option is availablet to you.

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