WooCommerce authentication URL access authentication

WooCommerce authentication URL access authentication fail. Printful needs access to WooCommerce API authorize page. This sometimes may get blocked due to hosts having unnecessarily intrusive security checks in place that prevent WooCommerce API authentication from working. So I need WooCommerce API authentication working. Please check and let me know any possible solution.

Hi there,

Try and leave a windows or tab opened check your firewall events under Security > Events for the last 30 minutes, then in another browser/window try and trigger the issue. Now go back to the firewall events tab and check what caused the block/challenge.
After you know that, you can either create a WAF custom rule to avoid triggering that particular WAF component in those circumstances or create managed rules exceptions (if blocked by managed rules).

Do note that when creating exceptions, we should try and be as specific as possible not to compromise the zone security. The goal is to allow that specific request in those circumstances, not to disable the feature that blocked it.

Take care.

I followed the steps and firewall didn’t show any block/challenge event. It is still empty please check this screenshot (Screenshot by Lightshot). Please suggest me another approach.