#WooCommerce and Cloudflare SSL settings

I new to activating ssl certificates on websites. I need to know if I created the free Cloudflare ssl account on my Wordpress site but have the TTL settings on 'flexible" will it allow me to use Stripe securely on my WooCommerce checkout page?

I received a message that it 'may not be secure" and I am having trouble looking for information on the subject matter. Does the “free” version of Cloudflare allow for me to use the service or is there additional settings that I need to 'activate" to get things secure and in order before I start trying to accept payments on this website?

I have the Cloudflare Flexible SSL installed on my wordpress site already

Any help would be greatly appreciated.:grinning:

Flexible SSL mode should never be used on an ecommerce site. Your server needs an SSL certificate on it for end-to-end encryption. Flexible SSL is not end-to-end encryption.


Okay cool. How do I add the certificate?

If you can send me a link to a video or to the instructions on here I that would be so helpful please kind sir?

That’s completely on your host, but Cloudflare can provide one:

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