Woocomerce checkout problem

Cloudflare is wonderfull i really like the performance but sometings up and its crticial issue clount solve the problem and couldnt find any solution on internet

So problem is when cloudflare is enabled on website woocomerce checkout options crashes the website

Description:For payment options which is 2 avaible in website it gives 2 different crashes in same perspective

1 - Bank Transfer Normally i choose this option it have to go checkout/order-received with bank account detail page but it doesnt go there it crashes the server Eror 524 but order replaced in admin panel as waiting it shouldnt be
2- Credit Card option its more tragedic its goes the gateway and taking money from customer’s card after completion payment call back url doesnt work it gives 524 and doesnt replace order on admin page

What solutions tried

Developing Mode tried and didnt work

Page rules has been places

Browser Integrity Check: Off : https://domain.com/wc-api/WC_posCall back Url - Didnt work
Bypass Cache checkout pages and order recevied pages didnt work either

Only way is the pausing cloudflare.

Sound like Woocomerce isn’t actually PCI compliant.

i also tried ssl loop solutions but its interesting issue that i couldnt solve

I wasn’t trying to brush off your issue by saying woo-commerce sounds as if it’s not PCI-compliant. I’ll explain the logic. CloudFlare, when properly secured is PCI-compliant. And it doesn’t take much effort, unless you’d like to really know customers information remains safe, which is a must in e-commerce. Many moons ago (15*12 to be semi-exact) I took part of my sole-proprietorship brick n mortar shop (1995-2008 r.i.p) and put my most profitable (wholesale/retail ratio was just wonderful) product, dedicated an e-commerce site of my own design, got everything in order to do business online (which as you may or may not know is a complicated procedure; using a “basket” solution like woo-commerce or any other would be simpler but where’s the fun and education in that?), and I was raking in profits quickly thanks to the fact the domain name for the product itself was actually available. I was stunned by the fact that the company in question that manufactured the product didn’t own it. Their loss and they never took issue with me using it. The point to my rambling … point … is this: don’t give your business to other people’s businesses by way of woo-commerce, or any of the other hundreds of ready made e-commerce solutions that take a percentage of everything you sell. Put the effort in up front, do it right, and the business is yours and the profits are yours, not some gangster-corp that threatens to shut you down if you don’t pay to keep,their lights on, so to speak.


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