Woocomerce cart cached

Please tell me, my woocomerce cart is cached. How to exclude it from the cache? When adding products from the store, the cart remains empty. If I disable cloudflare everything works.

Kindly note that, by default, Cloudflare does not cache full HTML automatically to prevent this very sort of thing. Only page assets like images, JavaScript, CSS, etc are cached.

So what you’re experiencing suggests that you’ve likely created a Cloudflare Page Rule (or some other feature) to cache full HTML pages. If this is the case, you must create another rule to ignore your Cart page.

Please see the documentation below for how to configure Cloudflare static (ie full) HML caching for a WordPress/WooCommerce site:

But if you’ve NOT created a Cloudflare page rule to cache full HTML pages, then the full-page caching you’re seeing is happening elsewhere in your infrastructure: WordPress plugin, your hosting provider’s managed caching, direct server caching, or I’ve even seen caching from 3rd-party programmatic ad networks like Ezoic.

In that case, you need to dig out exactly where the caching is happening and configure a bypass for your cart page.

If you need further help, kindly provide your site’s domain name so we can do some sleuthing for you.

Good luck!