Won't Resolve to sites.google.com hosted on google

Domain purchased on Cloudflare. Website is at sites.google.com. (On sites.google.com, I’ve added the custom domain).
I just want the domain to resolve to the website. Nothing special.
ONLY thing I’ve done is add these 2 records:
CNAME horseshoenc.us ghs.googlehosted.com Proxied
CNAME www ghs.googlehosted.com Proxied Auto

It resolves, but you likely have the wrong SSL mode enabled.



Thx! ; I have no options for that in sites…google…com. And most cloudflare was left as is…

In your Cloudflare dashboard, make sure that your SSL mode is set to Full (Strict).


Your Google site doesn’t know what to with your naked domain and is serrving a 404 response. You should probably just set it up as a redirect to the www version directly in Cloudflare. Thae a look ate example number one in the following guide.

Ok Page Rules forwarding setup;

Is there any way to MASK the domain in cloudflare?

Domain masking is not a feature provided by Cloudflare.

I have read that it is possible to write a Cloudflare Worker to accomplish the desired result, but you will need to know how to write the software.

Can you write it for me?
Just teasing hopefully it’s funny as a thanks for your help! Very much appreciated, it’s at least base functional operative now.
You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

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