Wont let me change nameservers

how do you change your nameserver on cloudflare?

If you’re using Cloudflare Registrar, you can’t change nameservers. See section 6.1 in the Domain Registration Agreement.

If you’re not, it wouldn’t be done in Cloudflare and you should contact your registrar.


What do I do then to solve this?

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Section 6.1 in Albert’s link explains this. You would have to transfer that domain registration to an external registrar.

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I have to transfer the domain registration away from Cloudflare? I purchased the domain through cloudflare and trying to link it up to system .io

Or just use it in the account you registered it through.

I guess I’m just confused about why its asking to change the nameserver and why the domain is not going active. The domain works outside of cloudflare if you go to the “www…com”

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It sounds like it’s active in the account it’s registered it in.

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I’ve only registered 1 account and this is it.

  1. Do other domains in your account use Athena and Evan?

  2. Do other domains in your account use Martin and Nucum?

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This is what i have for my DNS records. Ive contacted system .io and they said everything is correct on that end. I’ve never had an issue with nameservers.

Under cloudflare nameservers it says…“To use Cloudflare, change your nameservers, or authoritative DNS servers.”

That’s not how you set nameservers for a domain. It’s always done in a registrar’s WHOIS section (except for Cloudflare, where you can’t change name servers).

What I asked for would be listed right below what you included in your screenshot in the “Cloudflare Nameservers” section.

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Ok, what about my two questions?

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I have no other domains. This is the only one I’m trying to use.

When was the domain bought and who bought it?

I purchased the domain about 10 days ago.

You personally?

WHOIS agrees. But because the site is working, this indicates you’re looking at the wrong account. Check your email to see which email address the domain purchase confirmation was sent to.

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good call! I just logged out and re logged in with a different email. The domain is listed as active.

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