Wondering about which ping interval is okay

Hello guys,

I have currently an issue with my ISP. I wrote a small tool to ping by default Cloudflare DNS and
At the moment it’s setup to ping 10 times per second. I know Cloudflare can surely handle this, but where is the limit where an interval can be called an “attack”. Since I want to share this tool with the public once it is ready, I want to make sure, that there is no problem from Cloudflare.


10 ICMP echo request per second will not be recognized as an attack.

You could probably even do 1000 per second without issues. But that would be extremely wasteful for health checks.

Hi there, thanks a lot. I knew basically it can’t be an issue, but I just wanted to make sure. I guess, I’ll set it to 50ms, so it’s 20 times per second which should be very good to recognize the quality of the connection.

What are you trying to measure or prove?

ICMP can be dropped in a network that is experiencing no issues, and that is perfectly normal for any network. Some would say it is essential to ensure the network remains healthy. There are better and more accurate ways to characterise network quality and performance than a barrage of ICMP.

Hey, good question.

I noticed heavily desync in games. I am writing a tool, because I had within 48h over 560 disconnects and a downtime of over 50%. Therefor, I want to log it and get statistics. For the ping interval I noticed that when I use a cmd → ping then it only sends one ping every second, which is not accurate.

My tool currently pings the local computer, jumps to the gateway and then pings a public IP (currently DNS and and I want to adjust the interval to get a health value of the connection. That’s why I send 10 pings per second and of within 15 seconds I have about 40 pings with no reply within 200ms. Do you have any better solution?

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