WoltLab Users Can't Register

Users can’t register on my website. ■■■■ is like refreshing on the disclaimer page. Only started happening once we setup Cloud Flare Pro.


– See if you can get past the Disclaimer page.

This is annoying. Seems to be working for random people. It’s now working for me and you. It’s not working for my community manager and a few other people i’ve requested online. The Disclaimer page just keeps refreshing.


It’s throwing a 302 redirect. You hit the register page, it says redirect to /disclaimer – correct. upon hitting Accept, it should re-direct to /register/ but it’s immediately going back to /disclaimer

It doesn’t work for me either.

First I thought about a page rule but since it seems to be random…

Do you have Rocket Loader active? This thing can cause problems sometimes. You should also play around with Auto Minify and so on. Purge the cache (Cloudflare and local) after each change and give it some time to propagate within the network.

Thanks, Mark. I’m currently deleting the website and stopping Cloudflare services. I need to confirm that Cloudflare was indeed the issue. Then I’ll come back and figure it out.

No nee to delete it completely. Just set your dns records to :grey:this will disable all Cloudflare stuff and may save some time :wink:

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