Wmpre.com failure using cloudflare name servers

domain wmpre.com
me and a thirty-party company
can not use wmpre.com when using Cloudflare name servers:
agentelite app did not work, ionos mail services when using Cloudflare ns ned.ns.cloudfare.com wanda.ns.cloudflare.com.
Tried damian.ns.cloudflare.com, nena.ns.cloudflare.com and ionos mail services do not work.

Both site and mail services work using google domain name services

Recently change registration from cloudflare.com to google domains.

I would prefer to use Cloudflare name servers. How to check to functioning of using Cloudflare name services ?

How exactly did you set up that specific app with your domain?

If it requires some specific DNS records, it is worth checking whether they have migrated over exactly as they were before (e.g. without typos, accidental spaces, and so on).

Mail related records generally needs to be set to DNS-only / Unproxied (:grey:), which is sometimes causing issues while people migrate to Cloudflare, and turn their records into Proxied (:orange:) mode.

Records related to mail, VPN, and other things that are not HTTP(S) traffic, would generally require you to set them as DNS-only / Unproxied (:grey:).

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