Wix to Cloudflare

We need to transfer a domain away from Wix to Cloudflare but are unable to verify the nameservers because Wix does not allow you to update them. Is there anyway to accomplish this? We have the transfer auth ready but the domain will not show up on the available list until it is verified.

I really hope transferring to another registrar and then to Cloudflare is not the only option.

Hi @amitm,

No, unfortunately you cannot transfer the domain to Cloudflare without it being active here first.

You should also be aware that Wix says they don’t support Cloudflare, if you’re planning to still use their platform.

We do not utilize Wix. This is for a client.

OK, so you can use Cloudflare, but you cannot transfer the domain here without changing the nameservers first. It looks like transferring to another registrar is your only option.

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