Wix sites suddenly went down (almost certainly DNS issue)

Hi all,

I have two sites on Wix that I am locked into for three years. As I have recently transferred the registrar from GoDaddy (expensive, but has customer service) to Clouflare (cheap but no customer service), I can’t transfer the domains to Wix and hope that Wix will solve this issue.

advancedtarotsecrets .com says the DNS settings are wrong, but they are set to Wix standards (or at least what I could find through a Google search).

easyastrologylessons .com is not showing up at all. Both of these were working previously. I have searched online and I can find no answes. Cloudflare refuses to help. Wix refuses to help. Does anyone have any ideas that can help me resolve this please?

Thanks in advance, assuming anyone reads this, and even more doubtful that anyone will offer helpful advice.

Have a nice day.

Quick look…

One site is only using Cloudflare for DNS. Requests are going direct to Wix…
(edit: this site is working OK for me in a browser)

The other site is redirecting from https back to http, then to https://www then back to http again.

Make sure for both your SSL/TLS is set to “Full (strict)” (although that’s not the direct issue here, just needed to confirm how requests go from Cloudflare to Wix).

Will delve deeeper…

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For easyastrologylessons.com, somewhere there is a redirect from https->http.

Can you see if you have any rules set here (a screenshot would be useful)…

Using the IP addresses exposed by advancedtarotsecrets.com for Wix, it seems you don’t have SSL set up at Wix…

curl -I "" -H "host:easyastrologylessons.com"
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Content-Length: 0
Location: https://www.easyastrologylessons.com/
Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=3600
X-Wix-Request-Id: 1704208234.8551413851148326695
Cache-Control: public,max-age=0,must-revalidate
Server: Pepyaka/1.19.10
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2024 15:10:34 GMT
Age: 2368
X-Served-By: cache-lhr7340-LHR
X-Cache: MISS
Server-Timing: cache;desc=hit, varnish;desc=hit_miss, dc;desc=fastly_84_g
X-Seen-By: yvSunuo/8ld62ehjr5B7kA==,W1c2/pqHBqplxcWufHCkILxkNjrXdwdgtu6E0yACibU=,m0j2EEknGIVUW/liY8BLLphidMtWzh3rsfhiQCDTS12PfR5Gq0aOvPi6ADB6Ij8Q,2d58ifebGbosy5xc+FRalng6jPDa+v82V/11pOcuqVRVfAo8hS/frdhGIGF9K+AHwpFtIKpY6uFgtsKmeXxqHA==,2UNV7KOq4oGjA5+PKsX47MFl+aAq3kv1KMK28mCi9t28ZDY613cHYLbuhNMgAom1
Via: 1.1 google

curl -I "" -H "host:www.easyastrologylessons.com" --insecure
curl: (35) error:0A000410:SSL routines::sslv3 alert handshake failure

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